Manufacturing Day 2015
Plouffe Academy students look at tiny parts produced by Accurounds

Plouffe Academy students look at tiny parts produced by AccuRounds

On October 2nd, fourty-five students from Plouffe Academy in Brockton, MA boarded a bus for a field trip to AccuRounds, a precision manufacturing company in Avon. The field trip was in celebration of Manufacturing Day, a national campaign to promote careers in the advanced manufacturing industry.

As described on the Manufacturing Day website, “MFD Day addresses common misperceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is – and what it isn’t.”

Manufacturing jobs in MA are plentiful but there are concerns over a widening skills gap and a shortage of students interested in pursuing education and training in this area. Moreover, business leaders must work to combat the dated views of what manufacturing jobs of the past were like – dirty and unsafe. But manufacturing jobs have changed over time. Manufacturing in America is growing alongside technology which requires highly-skilled technicians and engineers. This means manufacturing jobs have emerged from the low-skilled economy and joined the ranks of other high-paying STEM occupations.

AccuRounds is one such company that has opened their doors. Just as they did last year, AccuRounds hosted field trips throughout the day, coordinating with various educational institutions and workforce development organizations such as BAWIB.

For the students this was a special occasion. The students that attended were recommended by their science teachers for the trip. Many of the students who were selected already had plans of attending Southeastern Technical Institute and, for those going to Brockton High, they will be prime candidates for the Youth CareerConnect program – a STEM career pathway program which will begin accepting applications in January 2016 for its next Freshman cohort.

Terrel, a Southeastern Tech Graduate, shows the students all the amazing parts made by Accurounds

Terrel, a Southeastern Tech Graduate, shows the students all the amazing parts made by AccuRounds

For the tour students were divided into three groups and taken around the plant by the AccuRounds management team. The trip served as a great opportunity for the students to learn how manufacturing affects them everyday. By seeing and learning about parts that are used in airplanes and iPhones, their blueprints and the engineering process behind it all they can develop a greater appreciation for the complexity behind everyday objects.

They were also exposed to the different career opportunities that could be available in the Quality Assurance lab, Engineering department and on the shop floor. Check points were established throughout the facility to stop and talk about the various positions that are available and the skills required to obtain them.

Thanks to the entire AccuRounds team for hosting us again and thanks to Plouffe Academy for accepting our invitation and providing this opportunity to their students.

For all the pictures from the trip check out the Facebook album here.

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