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The MA Workforce Training Fund provides resources to train current and potential employees.  BAWIB serves as an Ambassador for the WTF, a Reader for all regional applications and as a resource for development and evaluation.

What is the Mass Workforce Training Fund?

The Workforce Training Fund is a state fund enacted into law in July 1998 and financed entirely by Massachusetts employers, through their unemployment insurance compensation fees. The Workforce Training Fund’s purpose is to provide resources to Massachusetts businesses and workers to train current and newly hired employees.

Workforce Trainging Fund Program Focus:

Projects that will result in job retention, job growth or increased wages. Projects where training will make a difference in the company’s productivity, competitiveness and ability to do business in Massachusetts.

The Express Program – The Workforce Training Fund Express is targeted to small employers — with 50 employees or less — and labor organizations. Applicants must choose a training course or program from a pre-approved training directory. Applications may be submitted online at any time. Grants are up to $3,000 per employee per course and up to $15,000 per year per employer.

The General Program – The Workforce Training Fund’s General Program is designed for large and small businesses, labor and business organizations. Applications requesting more than $50,000 are by deadline and are reviewed by an advisory panel of business and labor leaders. Grant requests of $50,000 and under may be submitted on a rolling basis. If a completed application requesting $50,000 or less is received by the first business day of the month, it will be reviewed by the end of the month.

The Hiring Incentive Training Grant Program – The WTF Hiring Incentive Training Grant Program is open to all employers. It provides training grants of up to $2,000 per employee and up to $30,000 a year per company. This program assists in paying training costs for newly hired employees who have been unemployed over a year and those that do not have a call-back date from their last employer.

Most employers have limited time and/or resources to utilize for employee training and development, and lack capacity to administer grants. Understanding this, the Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board specializes in providing no or low cost solutions to this problem!

BAWIB Solutions

No Cost, as Ambassadors to the Fund:
We will provide basic information on Workforce Training Fund programs and the various types of grants available; We will connect employers with resources to conduct a training needs assessment; We will help employers connect to training providers who will help them design and deliver training programs that address specific organizational needs – and budgets; We will act as liaison between employers, other value-added resources, and government agencies.

Low Cost-As Consultants:
Provide direct assistance and services throughout the grant writing process; Assist employers by creating a process for reporting to the state on their grants; Help employers manage the performance of their grants while helping them to build capacity for future training efforts.

Performance Management:
Provide guidance on proper grant performance management which impacts both business performance and employee satisfaction.